November 6, 2015 1st ER visit :(


This morning I woke up not feeling nauseus anymore so I had some chicken noodle soup (mostly just the broth.) But I was up most of the night with really bad backpain still. I have had it the last 4 days. The mission medical advisor wants me to see a doctor. What do you think? I can see a Urologist or a Family Doctor. Mostly just for my back pain. It’s really bad. Who should I see?


November 2, 2015 Halloween


This week was kind of uneventful, but still good 🙂 We met a 14 year old boy named Jeffrey this week and he is just soaking up the gospel like a spunge! After we taught him the Restoration, we invited him and his mom to pray to know if Joseph Smith really was a prophet, and that God would help them to know the truth by the power of the Holy Ghost. Jeffrey jumped up and yelled “BOOYAH! He already told me!” We laughed and were so happy. We told him to still pray about it though. His mom isn’t interested in the church, but is fully supportive of Jeffrey attending. He came to church for his first time yesterday, and it turned out that he is already really good friends with 3 young men and young women in our ward! He is so great. I can see him going on a mission someday.
We are pushing Liz and Marion’s baptismal date back to Nov 14th, instead of this Saturday so that we don’t have to rush all the lessons. They are both doing wonderful and had a great experience again at church yesterday. Liz got up and bore her testimony in Relief Society and said that she knew God puts certain people in our paths for a reason. She said that she knew we were sent from God to her and that this church must be true. Sunday had been a hard day because Sister Reed and I were stressed and that was such a blessing to hear. Just when Satan can make you think you aren’t doing any good, God can show you that by small and simple things, great things are brought to pass. The small, good things we do really mean so much more than we realize. I felt like an instrument in God’s hand to help Liz and Marion, and am so grateful He has allowed me to serve.

On Halloween Sister Reed and I made cupcakes and took them to our neighbors and invited them to church the next day. (Made possible by mom’s package…thank you!) Then we went and volunteered at a Rehabilitation center Halloween Festival and they put us in charge of musical chairs. We had so much fun! It was awesome to see all the cute little kids dressed up 🙂 My favorite costume was a baby dressed up as chubby yoda. So cute!!! Then we went to the G’s and sat in their front yard. When trick-or-treaters came up, we would give them cards with their candy! I hope all these children join the church someday haha!
Well, I missed you all on Halloween. I hope you had pumpkin bread bowls with soup and watched scary movies and ate lots of candy! Love you!

October 2015 Flu, baptism, mosquito bites!


My poor sweet companion, Sister Reed got the flu this week and we were stuck inside for FOUR DAYS. FOUR DAYS I TELL YOU! I about died of boredom.
List of things I did while stuck inside this week:
#1) Deep cleaned the apartment.
#2) Wrote in all 6 of my journals.
#3) Almost finished the entire Book of Mormon, woohoo!
#4) Deep cleaned the apartment again.
#5) Role played with my LAMP. (That was my lowest point.)
#6) Smashbooked.
#7) Wrote a pocket talk about faith, so if anyone ever calls me to speak last minute I am prepared.
#8) Watched : The Restoration, the District, Finding Faith in Christ, The Testaments, and even Mr. Kruger’s Christmas. (another low point in my sanity.)
I am alive though, and Sister Reed is feeling much better. We are ready to hit the pavement this week! We have another baptism coming up not this weekend, but next, so we have a lot to do to prepare Rosa. She is awesome!
General conference was INCREDIBLE. All of my questions were answered, but it was so interesting…most of my ‘answers’ were things I needed to GO and DO to get my answer. I have a lot of action items. It is neat to see the Lord teaching me to receive personal revelation from Him myself, which is a priceless tool I can develop for the rest of my life. My favorite talks were the ones of women and motherhood by Elder Nelson and Holland, the Ponderize talk (I’m ponderizing Moroni 10:32) and the “What lack I yet?” talk. So good.
I can’t wait to get out and apply everything I learned. I love being a missionary!
Sister Davis

I cannot believe all the miracles we are seeing! We are literally working our tails off! We almost taught 30 lessons again, we are trying so hard to hit 30! Maybe this week. I love Sister Reed, she is such a good missionary and we have so much fun working together 🙂 Keep her in your prayers.
Rosa is set to be baptized this Saturday!!!! She and Ismael, her member boyfriend, are getting married as well! She is the most sweet, selfless person. She is a modern day Ruth in the bible. She left her family’s religious beliefs to join Ismael’s, and takes such good care of his family. I have never taught anyone so excited to be baptized. I will send you pictures!
So this week Sister Reed and I tracted into a woman named Marion. Marion let us pray with her and show her the because of him video. She said she didn’t feel edified at her church and would love to come to ours. We tried to set a return appointment, but she said her sister and her were in the process of moving and couldn’t meet for two weeks. We offered to help her move. With tears in her eyes she said: “Really?” We told her “Of course!” We came back again a few days later to teach Marion and her older sister, Liz. The most amazing thing though, was that just before we knocked on their door, they had watched the movie 17 miracles on Netflix and LOVED it. They couldn’t believe that right as it ended, we knocked on their door. We taught them the Restoration and they both cried and told us that this is what they are looking for. They are both set to be baptized on November 7th! On Tuesday night our ward is doing a service project and helping them move 🙂
October 19, 2015
Hey there!

Rosa got baptized on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was one of THEE most spiritual baptisms I have been to my entire mission. She is just so humble and willing. I love her.
Last night, Liz and Marion came to our Book of Mormon class, and we had a great turn out! There were a lot of people there and it was a very spiritual study. Sister Reed and I had everyone read Mosiah 27 and Act 22 and compare the conversion of Alma the Younger to Saul/Paul. We planned on teaching about conversion and repentance and change, but the class ended up being about angels and how God sends them round about us to bear us up. Liz and Marion were in tears by the end. After the study, one member invited them to FHE at her home, and another member offered to take the to the R.S. activity on Tuesday. The key to missionary work is friendship! They made so many new friends and it was great for both of them. They even started calling this their “home church.” They are getting baptized on November 7th. It can’t come soon enough!
Also, Liz has been teaching us how to cook! She taught us how to cook flank steak. (SO GOOD) and parmesan chicken, and homemade mashed potatoes, tomato onion salad. We went over twice during our dinner hour and ate with her and then taught her a lesson! Since we don’t do member dinners, it was cool to do it with an investigator and learn how to cook too!
We have 7 baptismal dates! They are each so different, but you can easily feel the Lord’s love for them. One day this week we were at the church with an awkward amount of time to fill, and I knelt down while Sister Reed was in the bathroom and asked God where to go. He told me to tract down Fort King Road. We met a man and his son (Leon Sr. and Leon Jr.) who want to be baptized and accepted a baptismal date of November 7th! They’re grandma died in May, and ever since they have been feeling like something is lacking in their life, but can’t place it. They said we were an answer to their prayers! Leon Sr. is a single father raising his 15 year old son. They are so humble and want to come closer to God. I am so happy 🙂
I LOVE being a missionary! Sister Reed and I are working so hard and seeing so many miracles!
Sister Davis
October 26, 2015
Hello! Sister Reed and I are so happy 🙂 We are having so much fun. Our area is just exploding. Liz and Marion came to church for their first time yesterday and were welcomed by the ward with open arms. It was so awesome. In the last hour of church, Liz leaned over to me and said “This is exactly where God wants me. No other church has fit like this one. I can’t wait to get baptized.” I just hugged her and smiled. I love her and Marion! Liz even called our Bishop and asked him if she could donate her extra items she has from moving to anyone in the ward in need. She is a saint.

We met an 11 year old girl, Tegan, while we were tracting in a trailer park. Tegan loved us and followed us for and hour and a half and went tracting with us! She introduced us to all of her neighbors and said things like “Oh nobody lives in that lot.” “They will throw shoes at you if you knock on their door.” and “That family loves God more than nuns do, we should pray with them.”
We gave her our number before we left and told her to call us if she ever needed anything. Surprisingly, she called us the next day and asked us to come over and teach her a lesson! We taught her the restoration, and she had a whole bunch of questions about the priesthood. When we asked her to pray about whether or not Joseph Smith had the priesthood and was a prophet she said yes and asked if we could pray right then. So we did. She prayed for her first time out loud and asked God if Joseph Smith was a prophet. She sat there for a minute, and then said: “I feel like your church has God’s permission. God made me feel happy about it all of a sudden.” We committed her to baptism on Nov. 14th. The next time we went over, we gave her a child’s Book of Mormon and she already is reading it and loves it. Her aunt was interested in what we were teaching and sat in on the lesson. Turns out her aunt, Tina has been looking for a church and wanted to take the lessons as well. We gave Tina a Book of Mormon and introduced it. Tina asked us why God had allowed her to go through so many hard things in her life. I felt the Spirit strongly impress me to hand her the Book of Mormon and open it. I bore witness that I knew God would answer her question and that He loved her. She opened to Alma 36:27 “And I have been supported under trials and troubles of every kind, yea, and in all manner of afflictions; yea, God has delivered me from prison, and from bonds, and from death; yea, and I do put my trust in Him, and He will still deliver me.” She just looked at us in astonishment as tears filled her eyes. She said she knew that was directly from heaven. She came to church yesterday and LOVED it. What a miracle.
Also, this entire week I have had a MOSQUITO BITE on the bottom of my FOOT!!!! It has been itching SO BAD! My goodness. I have no idea how I got it, and it is just so annoying. But, that’s not all. Here is my new list for you: “Places that I have mosquito bites on my body:”
#1) Under my left foot.
#2) On my left wrist.
#3) 2 on my elbow.
#4) On the knuckle of my big toe.
#5) On my thigh. I have NO IDEA how I got that on either.
Well, we are so excited for Halloween this week! We will tell you how it goes! Love you all!
Sister Davis

Sept. 2015 Mean dogs, baptism!

I love this area ha ha. It is so southern! A member is going to make sour krout for me because I’ve never had it. Kinda nervous….
Well, Sister Coon got transferred to Lakeland! I am now with Sister Reed, who I came out with 14 months ago! We are so happy together 🙂 She is from Orem UT. We have had a blast together this week. Last Monday Sister Wright took Sister Coon and I to downtown Dade City and we shopped at some cute antique shops. I found an old post card of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir from the 1950’s! The lady gave it to me for free because I’m a missionary 🙂 Cool huh? Then we went to get soul food at the most southern food place in the world called Steph’s Soul Food. (Aparently soul food is just super home style southern good…meatloaf, chicken, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, etc.) It was good! On Wednesday we went to transfer meeting and most of our mission was there! We got 19 new missionaries 🙂
While we were walking to the church one evening, we were on a dirt road in the backwoods, and three really mean looking dogs got out of their gate. They were just sniffing around and hadn’t seen us yet, and we were so scared. We didn’t know what to do! I said a prayer in my heart and decided that we should run and jump on top of a random dumpster to get away from them. We started moving toward the dumpster right as they saw us and started barking and running at us! We made it on top of the dumpster and the dogs just kept barking at us on it. We called Sister Wright, who came and picked us up. Life saver! Such mean dogs! President Cusick gave us pepper spray.
Sept. 28, 2015
Dear family,

EVA IS NOW A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was such a wonderful day yesterday! Her baptism was wonderful. The spirit was so incredibly strong, and we had such a good turn out. Earlier that day, Blu, her boyfriend and a formerly less active member, was ordained a priest. He is 17 years old. He told us yesterday that he has loved getting to know us and liked taking the lessons with Eva. He now wants to serve a mission and is going to start preparing to go this summer. Of ANYTHING that has happened on my mission, I think that was one of the happiest moments. By Blu going on a mission, that will not just affect the people he will go help convert, but his family at home, and his future family. To get one person on a mission is to save so many souls. His younger brother, Juanpaul, was ordained a deacon. We were able to attend both of their setting apart blessings and they talked about their missions.
After Eva’s baptism, her mom came up to us in tears and was so impressed by how our church, all basically strangers to her and Eva, had taken her daughter in and embraced her. She now wants to take the lessons! And Eva’s almost sister-in-law, Rosa, should be getting baptized at the end of October. We taught her the w.o.w last night and she is sad to give up tea, but ready to live the w.o.w.
Last Monday we went to Happy Cow (the best fro-yo place EVER) and said goodbye to our R.S. president, her family, and her son, Jared, before he was off to the MTC. It was actually really emotional for me because it brought back memories. Remember Iggy’s?!?! And how they gave us a free meal? So nice.
I know that Jesus Christ guides this church. I have felt His influence guiding me. I have felt His companionship out here. I know that He loves His missionaries. I am so happy 🙂
Love always,
Sister Davis

August 2015 Rains



So it has been raining nonstop! It is POURING right now and our weather system warning device keeps blaring and telling us which roads are flooded and what areas to avoid. It has been constantly raining since Saturday! Makes missionary work really hard. But I love the rain! Luckily we live in Zephyrhils, which has a lot of hills, so we are probably safe. My old area is COMPLETELY flooded! Poor Tampa.

We have been teaching a man named James, and he is awesome. We met him last saturday, invited him to church, and the Gospel Principles lesson was on the Word of Wisdom. Well, he was enjoying church until suddenly he was told he could no longer drink coffee if he wanted to be a member. In the middle of the lesson he raised his hand and said that he wasn’t going to give up coffee in order to be a member and that someone should have warned him. The members of the class all started raising their hands and sharing their stories of how they converted and stopped drinking coffee and we thought it was a disaster!!! Well, we prayed like crazy for James, that his heart would be softened. We went and visited him this week and the first time he told us he wanted to keep taking the lessons but he wasn’t going to give up coffee. We taught him the Restoration, and moved on to the Book of Mormon. He was touched by the Book of Mormon and agreed to ask God if it was true and if Joseph Smith was a prophet. This past Saturday night we went over with Sister Hall and James told us that he had a dream. He didn’t remember it too well, but he remembers that he was sitting at a dinner table with the Lord and the Lord told him: “You asked for a home, don’t walk away from it. Come and stay.” Then he said the rest of the dream was just his memory of when he first met us. Isn’t that amazing?!?!?!?!? He says he knows now that he needs to join our church, but he doesn’t know how quickly that means. He says it will take time. (And it will!) He has a long ways to go, but he is going in the right direction! It was such an answer to our prayers. I know the the Lord loves His children and speaks to them in their own language and understanding.

July 13, 2015 Dade City



Well, surprise! I am now transferred again to Dade City! I got the call right after emails last monday and left Tuesday morning. It was a hard transfer, but I love my new area.
Dade City is a HUGE area. It covers five cities: Zephyrhills (where we live), Dade City, Wesley Chapel, San Antonio, and Lacoochie. There are lots of hills ( I have never seen a single hill in Florida!) and there are horses and cows and dirt roads and trailer parks! I love it. The ward is so friendly and they take such good care of us.
My new companion is Sister Coon and she has red hair just like me! She is from Houston, Texas, and has been out nine months. She and her previous companion, Sister Hammatt have been teaching a man named David, and he got baptized on Saturday! It was an interesting baptism. He slipped while they were baptizing him and they both about went under. Luckily, everyone was ok and they didn’t have to rebaptize him…he was completely immersed!!! We had invited a non member family the day before to come (reagan and her two little boys) and they looked really astonished. Ha ha, I hope it didn’t scare them away from being baptized! Not only was David’s baptism on Saturday, but it was Sister Coon’s 20th birthday! I made her cinoman rolls for breakfast, and after the baptism, we went to lunch with one of our investigators (Brooke).
Brooke is 20 years old and is getting baptized on July 25th. She is AMAZING and we are best friends! She is dating a member named Josh, who is preparing to serve a mission soon.
Yesterday, we got to church for ward council at eight am, and the police were there! Turns out someone had broke into the church and used a crow bar to pry all the locked doors open inside. Nothing was stolen, and whoever broke in was just looking for money. The church was a mess! There were papers spralled all over, doors were broken, it looked terrible. The police got some finger prints though and are looking for who did it. 2 other churches nearby were broken into that same night 😦 For the first little bit of church all of us members got together and just cleaned up!
Well, I hope all is well at home. Keep Brooke and Reagan in your prayers! Love you all!