Opening the Mission Call!


April 18th, 2014
After months of stressing over my decision, worrying about where I’d be sent, and endless waiting….My mission call finally came…I’M GOING TO TAMPA, FLORIDA!!!! Leaving June 25th, English speaking 🙂
Reasons why I absolutely 100% completely love my mission call:
#1: I get to serve people and share with them the love of our Savior!
#2: I get to get tan while doing it!
#3: I have always wanted to go to Florida.Tampa, Florida here I come!
#4: I get to go somewhere TROPICAL!
#5: I will hopefully get to try an alligator burger while I’m there (Oh heaven help me..)
This being said, I have never felt so much peace in my life! I never would have guessed going to Florida, but now I can’t imagine going anywhere else. As I have fervently prayed for help being prepared for the people I’d teach, looking back I can see how I’ve already been prepared by the Lord to teach and love these people for years. I feel so blessed to be given such a wonderful opportunity, and hope to be an instrument in the Lord’s hand in using all my talents and strength so serve Him and His children. Thank you for your love and support!!!
Love always,


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