Entering the MTC! – June 25, 2014


We enjoyed a lunch at Iggy's before Lauren entered the MTC.

We enjoyed a lunch at Iggy’s before Lauren entered the MTC.

18 months fit in these 3 suitcases...red!

18 months fit in these 3 suitcases…red!


* First I was taken by my host missionary to get all my books, then met my companion in our dorm.

— My companion is the sweetest! We totally get along, and it’s kind of weird how similar we are. Her name is sister Carlee Capt, and she is from Pleasant Grove. She did cheer and track in high school, loves running, loves people, worked as a CNA for a hospice facility, and attended a year at UVU. We are getting along awesome! Our teachers say we have the same laugh and are two peas in a pod ha ha.

* Next we met our district and our teachers, who are all wonderful.

— Our district is two elder companionships and then just sister Capt and I. (3 of us are going to Canada, 3 to Florida.) All the elders except one are 18 (I remember my 18 year old days so long ago, I was so young and naive) and just graduated from high school on June 5th. They are all so friendly and we all have a ton of fun together.

— Our teachers are Brother Clancy and Sister Latu. THEY ARE FANTASTIC. They teach so well and I can tell they both made wonderful missionaries. We are so blessed to have them as teachers! They both knew me because apparently Tanner (or I guess I should call him Elder Skousen) works closely with them and told them I’d be coming. Sister Latu I especially love. She is incredible. She is 22, served in Indiana, and just loves my companion and I.

* Then we ate dinner at 3:40. I kid you not….3:40!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was not hungry at all! But I can sure tell you that night at 10 pm I was! It’s like Chuck-A-Rama, so much to eat. I haven’t had much of an appetite though.

* After dinner we went to a workshop where our zones (about 50 people) got to sit in and ask and attempt to teach investigators. That was definitely a learning experience for me, I realized I’ve got TONS to learn and improve upon.

* I don’t actually remember what we did next but my sweet companion and I talked for a while and then went to bed around 10:45. I was absolutely exhausted but I couldn’t really sleep all night. It was NOT fun. My darn mind likes to plan and talk to itself a lot and just wouldn’t shut up!

The next day was a day of confusion and getting lost. Sister Capt and I were late to everything because we were either lost or thought wrong. But I did what mom said to do and just laughed about it šŸ™‚ All the elder’s in our district always tease us about not showing up and being late and have to keep an eye on us ha ha. We completely missed an hour long study class because we thought we were supposed to study in our rooms! Similar things happened to us several times that day and finally our teachers and district were just like: ” Those poor sisters, no one knows where they are. They are probably out there somewhere completely lost.” Ha ha oh well. Today we have been EARLY to everything. (We’ll show them!)

Last night we met with our Branch President. We were combined with another district of half Tampa Florida people and half Winnipeg Canada missionaries. All the Tampa sisters in the other district room next to us and we are good friends with them even though we aren’t in the same district. For some reason Sister Capt and I are the only two in our room, but it’s really nice! We all interviewed with the branch Pres or one of his counselors (they are all so nice) and then given assignments. Elder Cox from our district was the district leader, and Elder Farnsworth and O’Feiu from our district are the Zone leaders. Sister Capt and I are Portal Training Leaders. (We have an awesome district!)

I slept better last night, don’t worry. I LOVE the MTC! I’m on a spiritual high all the time and everyone else around me seems to feel the same way. It is so neat to see thousands of youth trusted with such a big job of spreading the gospel to the world. Its crazy that the Lord doesn’t send adults…. he wants 18-19 year olds to sacrifice everything at a critical time in their lives to spread His love to those of His children who are lost. Why? I think it’s because He needs raw vessels. The Lord wants the unlearned to preach, because He can show His grace and Power more effectively. Maybe? I’m not totally sure why. Just a thought.

Anyhoo, I love you and miss you tons! But I’m having fun and am learning SO MUCH. You’re in my prayers!

Love always,
Sister Davis


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