How to Survive the MTC


July 4th, 2014


#1) If you are late more than 7 times, all the elders will begin to tally each time you are late and make fun of you ruthlessly. Keep a map with you at all times and leave early to be on time.

#2) The enchiladas taste like they are made out of rubber cheese, do not partake.

#3) Walking up to the 5th floor of the building for your classroom 5 times a day will tone your legs. I am more than ready for biking in my mission. (There are 71 stairs, I counted.)

#4) Teaching with the Spirit is a hard tactic to learn, but if you earnestly seek the Lord, act in faith that he will direct your words, and keep yourself worthy of the companionship of the spirit, you will WORK WONDERS! Words just flow out of your mouth effortlessly! It’s like awesome spiritual verbal vomit! (Yuck, sorry for the visual)

#5) Listening with love is THEE most important aspect when teaching an investigator. If you are truly listening with love, you will not have to step by step create a lesson plan because the investigator will tell you exactly what to teach them. Also, while teaching investigators, there are hidden cameras in the room and your teachers among other people WATCH YOU. Just found that out yesterday. Creepy.

#6) Your teachers may tell you that in field orientation will be a helpful learning experience. They may even have the audacity to say that it is fun. They are wrong. Ten hours of sitting and learning how to tract, find people, take numbers, etc. is probably actually the least fun thing EVER. But hey, I made it through. Yes, alive.

#7) If you’re having a hard time in the MTC, just make it to Sunday. It can only get better from there. Sundays are THE BEST! You get such a spiritual upliftment and a spiritual recharge for the rest of the week.

#8) Sing in the missionary choir! You can feel the spirit SO strong as you sing with hundreds of other missionaries. (Plus you get to be on camera. Added bonus).

This week has been great! I’ve been learning so much, and changing so much. I can’t even imagine how different I will be after 18 months. Weird.

On Sunday I got called to come up and speak in sacrament meeting (Not a surprise with my luck) And I spoke on faith. I had a feeling I would be speaking, so I did my best to prepare. It was good to hear people benefiting from the talk afterwards πŸ™‚ And good practice for the mission!

Sister Capt and I are teaching three investigators named Pete, Tiva, and Melissa. (You don’t have to change their names). We invited Tiva to be baptized and she said she wasn’t ready, but that’s fine because now we know WHY she isn’t ready and can better prepare her. Melissa is SO CLOSE to being baptized, she said yes and then said no because she is living with her boyfriend. Don’t worry, we will get to her! And Pete is basically the same. Pray for us! It’s funny how much you can come to love your investigators! Our teachers say Sister Capt and I are making a lot of progress and we get to help the Elders a lot πŸ™‚

Our district is like a family. I love them! They are like our brothers. Elder O’Fiu (Oh FEW) is from Alaska and is Tongan. He raps about everything all day. We finally made him compromise to only rap/sing ten times a day. (He was up to seven by breakfast today…) During In-Field Orientation, or district was supposed to read an article, and he started rapping it…our whole district started beat boxing and it was awesome. Elder Farnsworth has to eat every few hours or he like freaks out and shuts down and it is so funny. He is my favorite. He is Elder Ofui’s companion, and it is to funny to see them together. Elder Cox attempts to keep them under control but to no avail…. oh Elders. Especially 18 year old Elders haha.

So sister Foderreo (Who I LOVE and is coming to Tampa with us) french braided my hair the other night. When I woke up and took it out the next morning, IT WAS AN AFRO. I kid you not. And yes, my companion and I were late that morning thanks to it. The whole day went down hill from there. It was just too funny.

OH! EXCITING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!! I finally ran my first mile since hurting my knee! I ran the whole thing in 8 minutes and it didn’t really hurt! I WAS SOOOOOOOO HAPPY! (Chorus of angels singing in the background.) I just did one mile though because it started getting sore again, but its a good start! I hope it continues to get better!

Happy 4th of July! My cute companion and I got to see the hot air balloons and hear the cannons from the parade this morning. In the cafeteria hundreds of missionaries spontaneously started singing the national anthem (really cool) and everyone is decked out in red white and blue. Missing everyone and hope you have a great holiday! I will think of you as I watch the fireworks from the stadium of fire tonight!


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