July 21, 2014 First Cry and a Challenge


Hello! This week has had lots of highs and lows, it’s been a roller coaster ride! As I’m typing this, it is POURING outside, when literally five minutes ago there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I thought UTAH had bipolar weather. NOPE! I love it!
Sister Kunz and I have been on full bike this week and that has been fun. I actually really like biking, despite the heat, the funky tan lines,and the sore muscles. We bike from about 11 am to 9pm at night.
*While biking, I have counted 23 red doors in one day. There are so many colorful houses here!
*I have gotten 16 mosquito bites in one day. I’m not even going to count how many I have now. (waaa)
* I have gotten 7 different sunburns in the funkiest shapes! I have THEE best tan lines.
* I’ve tried shrimp, stuffed Russian cabbage, okra, an entire baked small hen, plantains, and macaroni and cheese. (I liked all of them!)

I also cried for my very first time since being out on a mission this past Saturday. I was pretty proud of how long I lasted! Saturday was a really hard day because Sister Kunz and I were told that one of the girls we had been teaching, Cierra, couldn’t be baptized this Saturday anymore because her mom didn’t like the LDS church. We had been so excited when we had committed her to baptism, and were really let down. That day we didn’t have any appointments scheduled so we were finding people to talk to the entire day. After a while the rejections and the heat and the exhaustion really start to get you down. I have also been struggling with teaching because a lot of the time I don’t know what I can say to help someone, and I get really frustrated with myself. My companion a I were both needing a quick break so we decided to go get a smoothie. At the smoothie place, we started talking to the cashier about our beliefs for a bit and then asked him about his. He got really heated and told us that he didn’t believe in a God or a Christ. He said that the idea was too perfect, and too good to be true. he said it was just something humans made up to fill the emptiness and gaps in our lives. He said
some other yucky things that really offended the Spirit. Neither Sis. Kunz and I knew what to say because the Spirit had left, and we knew we couldn’t persuade him otherwise. I looked at this young man, and how alone and sad and angry her was, and I thought of how our Heavenly Father must feel, not being able to help him, all because this guy wouldn’t allow God in his life. It broke my heart, and I couldn’t hold back the tears! It had been a rough day. Luckily my companion gave me some great advice, and the smoothie helped too:)

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to spread the knowledge of the gospel. I know it is true, and I know how much more meaning it brings into my life. I want to bring that light into the lives of others who are wandering in darkness, even though I’m not that good at it yet:) I am definitely beginning to feel the burden of missionary work in the best way. People’s salvation is on the line,
and that is why the work is hastening. God wants his children to come home. I challenge everyone to pray for a missionary experience this week….but don’t stop at that. MAKE a missionary experience happen! Please!

I love you all! Florida is great, and I am loving it here. Miss you! love always, Sister Davis


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