July 28, 2014, “Metro” and a Kiss?


Hola mi familia!

This week all my roomies and I got to go to downtown Tampa to do what we call “Metro.” Basically you spend a day and a half learning how to better street contact and talk with people. We get a lot of training done in that aspect of the mission. So last Monday at 5pm we headed to Tampa and stayed until Wednesday. I LOVE TAMPA! It is such a nice city! We ate lunch on Tampa University Campus, and I loved it. I actually REALLY want to go to college there now. It is so awesome there! I just loved it so much! I am going to apply when I get back. Sister Kunz and I walked along the beach on a pathway (just like San Diego) and watched all the runners jog past us with their dogs at sunset. I was in heaven! I will send you pictures πŸ™‚ We stayed in the apartments with the Metro Training Sisters on bunk beds…..we stayed up WAY too late just laughing and getting to know each other. I learned so much about how to better speak with the spirit. I was getting so frustrated with myself because I was having a hard time recognizing when I was teaching with the spirit. But I learned that if I am studying my scriptures and having faith, I will be able to speak by the spirit.

I also made a cake on Thursday and gave it to a member in our ward for her birthday, I love the cake supplies you sent me!

This Friday we had a mini mission experience. President Cusick came and spoke to all the missionaries and youth in our stake, and then each of the missionaries got assigned a youth companion to train and then take out finding for 3 hours. I was assigned to a cute girl named Nikki. We contacted a lot of people and set up some appointments! Afterwards everyone gathered again for pizza and cookies and shared their experiences. IT WAS AMAZING. Everyone loved it and someone even got a baptismal date!!! Nikki and I did too, but we ended up not being able to baptize him because he was more interested in us than he was in the church sadly.

I also got kissed by someone who I think was drunk (hopefully) and it was more slobbery than a kiss from a drooling pug. I gagged. He barely missed my mouth, and it felt cool to lightly punch someone. Never thought I would do that haha!

On Saturday we had two baptisms from the other two sets of missionaries in our ward. They were WONDERFUL! Both of the girls getting baptized had the sweetest, strongest testimonies and I felt the spirit so strong. Sister Kunz and I invited a family we are teaching to come, and the mom started crying! They said they loved it, so we are hoping to continue teaching them and hopefully baptize the entire family πŸ™‚

This morning Sister Kunz, Sister Loveridge, Sister Klein and I all went to work out with Sister Weatherly. She gave us some awesome tips and we had so much fun! I have been having lots of ups and downs, but overall enjoying my mission. I am so blessed to be out here. I am learning to depend on the Lord more and more. I am learning that I can’t do everything on my own, that relying on others, especially the Lord, is important. I am learning to do hard things, and I am learning to be more selfless. So much to learn! So happy!

Thank you for everything, 17 more months to go! Woohoo!


Sister Davis


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