August 11, 2014 “Sis. Kunz’ Birthday!”


Hey everyone,

Today is my companion, sister kunz’s 21st birthday! We all put our

mattresses out in the living room last night and had a ‘big sleepover’

(til ten thirty, haha) we had so much fun. I love sister Loveridge and

sister Klein, we have so much fun together, and they are such hard

workers and wonderful missionaries!

This morning after we got back from the gym we made cake batter

pancakes for Sister Kunz and decorated the kitchen. She opened her

presents and absolutely loved them! Thanks mom and Susan!!! Later

today we are going to Olive Garden to celebrate as well.

Our ward had a baptism this past Saturday from the elders, and it was

also elder doty’s birthday! He sat next to me on the plane ride here

and we are really good friends. He was so happy because he got to

baptize the woman on his birthday! After the baptism we all ate cake.

(Yes, I made it.) among other treats.

This week was tough, but when it got to be too much, I asked The Lord

for help, He helped me. My insomnia has been pretty bad, nurse young

had me and my companion stay home on Tuesday because of it. I am

feeling better though and have gotten more sleep. I was getting

overwhelmed and prayed for the Lords help. It was the strangest

thing…. All the things that were bringing me down suddenly didn’t

seem so heavy anymore. What a blessing 🙂

The work is hastening here, it is so cool to see. Elder ware and elder

doty prayed for a family of four this week, and they found one! Our

ward has never had so many baptisms. So cool 🙂

Love you all, thank you for your support!

Love always,

Sister Davis


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