August 18, 2014 “Jared”


This week has been a really fun week πŸ™‚ Last Monday we went to Olive Garden for Sister Kunz’s birthday and it was delicious, then we all took a group nap which was much needed. Sister Loveridge woke up first and took a picture of us all, I will send it to you!

I got my new bike from the mission office, which was a HUGE blessing! It is a brand new $600 dollar trek bike (which apparently is one of the nicest brands) from one of the sisters from Australia who had to go home for medical reasons. I love it! I named it Jared because we met a member who had a dog named Jared last week and we thought it was super funny πŸ™‚ The only down side though is that the sister who owned the bike was 6 feet tall….so the seat comes up to my ribcage! I have been riding it the last 5 days and have fallen so many times….it is so funny. My companion won’t stop laughing at me! I already fall enough on a normal sized bike. At one point I was waving to a lady at a bus stop and started talking to her. I tried to stop in front of her, lost my balance, hit a bench, and flew off the front side of my bike. My companion kept trying to talk about the gospel and keep the conversation going, but was no help because she was peeing her pants from laughing so hard. I was cry-laughing, and everyone who was on the bus was looking out the window at me. The bus driver got off the bus and asked if I was ok. SO EMBARASSING! I have the COOLEST bruise from it though! It looks like a cool blue octopus cloud. We can’t stop laughing about it even as we are typing this right now!!!! Sadly though, it was my bad knee that I hit and bruised up and I think I damaged it again, because I haven’t been able to run on it again 😦 Don’t worry dad, I promise I will let it rest and won’t run on it. At least for a good week. Or two.

At our district meeting we met the new missionary we got from Africa, who will finish his mission in Tampa because of the Ebola outbreak. He had a little under a hundred baptisms, and he’s only been out a year!!! Crazy!

One of the ward members in our ward has told a few people that my companion is too feisty, and that has been really hard on our companionship. Sister Kunz IS feisty, but that’s one of her strengths if you ask me. She has had a rough time dealing with that, but we have decided to pray for charity and to better work with the ward members. Our ward council meeting this Sunday went so much smoother than all the rest we had because of it! No harsh comments were made, and the members actually helped us! Woohoo! We are making progress.

On Thursday, Brother Nye, the ward mission leader gave each of the six missionaries in our ward a blessing. Each blessing was so specific to each individual missionary, it was amazing. My blessing quoted a part of my patriarchal blessing. I knew it was from the Lord and felt the spirit so strong. Brother Nye also blessed me to use my spiritual gift of discernment to know who NOT to talk to…which was weird, but made sense. I have been praying to use this spiritual gift more.

On Friday the six of us had dinner with the bishop at the church (he got us Chinese instead of pizza this time, yummy!). Before we went there though, sister Kunz and I were at a recent converts house and were about to head over to teach an investigator named Cecily. Neither of us felt good about going to see her though, so we prayed about it. In the prayer, we both felt strongly that we should go to the church early instead and work on 12 week (training for new missionaries). I felt inspired as I prayed to ask that we find a new investigator on the way to the church. We didn’t find a new investigator on the way there, but while we were in the church a man named Darren knocked on the church doors. Since they were locked, we went and let him in. The first thing he asked was: “Is this the right church?” Sister Kunz and I just looked at each other and were like “Uh…YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!” We invited him in, gave him a church tour, got all his info, and he LOVES our church! Darren says he has been reading his bible and asking God to lead him to the right church. He was originally looking for a Pentecostal church, but ended up at ours. God led him right to us! He is golden πŸ™‚ What a blessing and an answer to our (and his) prayers.

We also extended the baptismal date of September 6th to a 14 year old girl we are teaching named Megan, and she said YES! We are so HAPPY! We are working to get her dad worthy to be the one to baptize her. We also took out a girl named Emily who was baptized a month ago, and is also 14. She came and proselyted with us, and was on fire! She is planning on serving a mission already.

On Saturday Sister Blaine and Behr came and did a double exchange. Sister Blaine came with my companion and I, and Sister Behr went with Sister Loveridge and Klein. That was such a good day. Sister Blaine taught us so much, and I’m hoping to be her companion someday!

Thank you for all your prayers, God really does answer specific prayers. My companion and I have learned to be VERY careful of what you ask for, because you will get what you ask for in one way or another πŸ™‚

Love you all and miss you tons!
Love always,
Sister Davis


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