Sept. 1, 2014 Bike Accident


Hello family,
I’m sorry I didn’t write last week :/
Lots has happened in just a short time. I’ll start with the good!!!
Yesterday at church sister kunz and I had eight investigators at
church! We had an investigating family of four who absolutely LOVED
church yesterday and it think they will be our next baptisms, so
excited. They are so sweet, and we have a dinner scheduled with them
for Wednesday 🙂 we also saw Maggie at church yesterday, who we
invited to be baptized and accepted, and she is doing well! I have
been having so much fun with sister kunz, I just love her 🙂
This morning sister kunz’s got emergency transferred, and I now I have
a new companion named sister Hanna. She is amazing! I’m not training,
but kind of…. I’m the senior companion which is going to be a big
change. I feel like I just barely got here and am still learning the
area and the people, so it’s a little bit stressful. But good, it will
all be good. Sister Hanna is AWESOME! She loves peanut butter, talking
about how great toast is, and is so enthusiastic. We love each other
We are also moving into a new apartment and have been apartment
shopping this week, so I will email you our new address whenever we
On Thursday I got hit by a car on my bike. It hit me on my left side
and my rib cage is all black and blue and swollen. The lady who hit me
just wasn’t looking and we talked and gave her a card, but
it ruined the bike I was on, luckily someone in our ward is fixing it
right now. After that I was in too much pain to walk to we just laid
on the sidewalk for half an hour and then biked home and put ice on my
ribs. That night they wouldn’t stop swelling and it got hard to
breathe so the mission doctor sent us the the emergency room. I got
all checked out and the doctor at the hospital said nothing was
broken, just severely bruised (hallelujah!) I got some great drugs
that have helped and put on full car, and I ice it every day. I have
the coolest bruises though!
I am doing well, thank you for the emails and support. The work is
hastening and the ward is really stepping up and helping out. I am
loving the mission!

Love always,
Sister Davis


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