Sept. 15, 2014 Prayers answered



#1) Sister Hanna and I have been praying to find those who are prepared for baptisms in every single prayer we have said together this week….and we set 3 baptismal dates this week! Two are with Tony and his brother Tim for Oct. 11th, and one is with a cute lady named Cici for the same date. We are so happy! Tony and Tim say “Amen Sistah!” to everything we say and love “the word” (of God). We love them!
#2) I prayed to not get hit by a car this week. Or ever again.This prayer was answered I think.
#3) I prayed that our investigator, Cici and her boyfriend Alec and their kids would be taken care of as they moved to Gulfport. This was really hard on my companion and I because we had just set a baptismal date with Cici, and then we found out they were moving to Gulfport (about ten minutes away, but out of our area.) Our prayers were answered! We packed up their belongings in our car, drove with them to home depot and helped them pick out paint colors, and then drove to their home. When we got there (it was pretty late in the evening) the Gulfport Elders were there waiting with a elders quorum leader to help them move in. Then we found out the RIGHT NEXT DOOR a members of the church lived there, and they all came out and helped move in the dark! The family living next door to Cici and Alec have kids the same age and are going to drive them to church every week. The Lord answered our prayers and is going to take good care of Cici and her family!
#4) We prayed that the Giangrosso family would come to church…. and they came! In fact, we had 18 gators (investigators ha ha ) at church yesterday! President Cusick said he is amazed and hasn’t ever seen that! Our area is on fire, please continue to pray for the work to hasten in St. Pete, and just in Florida in general. Oh what the heck, just pray that the work will hasten in the whole entire world.
It was a wonderful week and I’m fine so no need to worry. Last Monday we had a Zone P-day and all got together in the gym. We played dodge ball (I couldn’t play because of my rib) and then played mafia….it was so funny. Instead of having mafia and detectives, there were missionaries and apostates, and instead of dying, you got ‘sent home.’ Ha ha, it reminded me of playing it as a family every year in Bear Lake! I’ll send pictures 🙂

Thank you for the love and support! xoxo
Love always,

Sister Davis


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