Sept. 8, 2014 Record number of investigators


Dear Family,
This week was a learning experience. Since I don’t know the area very well yet, Sister Hanna and I got lost a lot. We taught some really powerful lessons though and set a date with a investigator named Cici. Cici has two ADORABLE kids and is living with her boyfriend, Alec. We set the baptismal date for Oct 11th and plan to help them get married by then! Alec loves the gospel too, but says he isn’t quite ready for baptism. We were actually really happy about that, because a lot of people commit to baptism and don’t realize the depth of the commitment, but he did. So we know he understands 🙂

On Saturday the Elders had a huge bike wreck. Elder Ware’s bike is totaled and Elder Doty ripped the skin off the palm of his hand and elbow, and tore up his suit. It was gross and he passed out! Luckily the other set of sisters just happened to drive by and they picked up Elder ware’s bike and called Brother Gardner (who is a nurse) and we pulled up a little bit later and helped him out. All is well now. In ward council yesterday morning they all made fun of us and said they needed to teach the missionaries how to ride bikes and stop getting hurt! (they had a good point!)

Yesterday at church we had more people there than EVER before! EVER! Our chapel was PACKED and during each hour people had to continually set up more and more chairs. Cici and Alec came again and LOVED it! Maggie, her mom and dad were there, and there were just a ton of investigators there today! It was overwhelmingly awesome! We broke the record of people in attendance. Between all three missionaries, there were 30 nonmembers in attendance. Please keep praying for the people who are prepared for baptism in St. Petersburg to be brought in the path of the missionaries. I PROMISE that if we pray for this the work will continue to hasten and the success rate will double.
love, Sis. Davis


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