October 20, 2014 “New?” Companion!


Well, to start off with some sad news, Sister Hanna was sent home on Saturday. We found out on Wednesday 😦 it was so hard to see her go!She is an incredible missionary, but the Lord has other means to use her missionary spirit at home. She is hoping to come back out in January and finish the last half of her mission. I’m going to miss her like crazy!
On the other hand, you will never guess who my new (old) companion is….
Sister kunz!!!!!!!!!!! Haha, I got my trainer back! We were only apart for a month and I think a week!She is here with me in Lakeland now and we talked and laughed and caught up on all that has happened. While we were apart her depression got really bad and she set up an appointment with President to go home. President Cusick told her to go see any movie she wanted at the theater and go out to lunch with her companion….. Funny huh?!? So she did and felt a little better, but has still been really struggling. It has been kind of hard. I am going to help her as best I can though and work hard to spread the gospel to those ready for baptism.
List of things sister kunz sings about in her shower:
#1) Come thou fount of every shower, wash my body, clean my hair (to the tune of come thou fount)
#2) “word to your mother” (I have no idea what that means but I think it’s a 90’s saying or something)
#3) “I want candy”
#4) whatever hymn we sung the day before in church
#4) Master the tempest is raging (this one is my favorite because it’s in opera….kinda fun. You should try it.)
It has been really cool to see the Lord’s hand in my mission, and in others. Sister kunz and I were kind of randomly emergency transferred,and while we were apart we both kind of recognized why. Sister Hanna has had several companions who never noticed her health problems that needed to be taken care of, and because of experiences I’ve had I was able to recognize it and help. Sister kunz had a prayer answered of a long time ago that she thought would never be answered, and it got answered in her new area! But now we are back together with more to learn πŸ™‚
The mission is hard but I am loving serving the Lord. So happy to be a part of this work πŸ™‚
Love always,
Sister Davis


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