October 6, 2014 Lakeland, Florida


Dear family,
I feel like I have learned so much this past week! More than I ever
have in my entire life! This calls for another list titled: “things I
have learned this week.” Creative title, I know.
#1) During conference I loved ALL of the talks! I have am so grateful
we get to hear from prophets who have literally spoken with God. The
main thing I took from conference was learning to recognize the
spirit, which is something I struggle with. Before conference, I wrote
down a few questions. One in particular was to know that The Lord is
with me, and would strengthen me through these 16 months I have left
as a missionary. During the song sung by the choir “how firm a
foundation” I was reminded of my question, and felt the lyrics of that
song prick my heart. I immediately wanted to discard it, because I
thought my answer would come more dramatically and powerfully, but
then I realized that the spirit speaks to us quietly, and not with
angels and lightening and tears all the time. I knew The Lord was with
me and would strengthen me, help me, and give me aid 🙂
#2) I learned how much I can’t wait for the gps to come in the mail!
Thank you so much mom!
#3) I learned that we are the Lords first priority as His children. He
sees our hopes and dreams, our goals, our deepest desires and wishes,
and wants our happiness. But He will always take care of us first. I
don’t know if that makes sense…. For instance, if a runner on a
track team more than anything wants to run the mile in six minutes to
make it to the finals, and he trains and does everything possible to
reach that goal, of course the coach loves his runner and wants him to
succeed. But if this runner has an injured ankle, or knee (I hate
injured knees) or shin splints, the coach is going to pull the runner
aside and fix or help the runner heal before going off to race. I
learned that The Lord does the same with us because He loves us, not
because He doesn’t want us to succeed. What a loving Father.
#4) I learned that now I not only have a phobia for bees, but now
cockroaches. In our new apartment, we have found two half the size of
my palm. NOT EXAGGERATING. One was in my shower. I made sister Hanna
kill it.
#5) I learned that I don’t like sugar cane. Some guy gave the other
sisters in our ward a 6 foot long sugar cane. We ate some and it
tastes like the telestial kingdom I think.

For the most part his was a great week! Conference was wonderful, we
watched it at the church with the two other companionship’s, and a few
investigators. On Sunday sis teteh brought us lunch (she’s the wml’s
wife). Thursday we were transferred to Lakeland and got incredibly
lost, but I love it here! Sister Coleman is amazing, took us to lunch,
helped us move in, gave us cleaning supplies, gave us a tour around
town, you name it. I’m so glad she emailed you mom! And texted you!
She really is the nicest person I have ever met. Saturday we met with
a guy named Carl and set a baptismal date with him for oct 25th.
Sister Hanna and I have been so sad to leave st. Pete because of our
investigators 😦 we had found a family and become incredibly close to
them! Especially Miranda and her daughter, Sierra. We cried and prayed
to come back for their baptism. Well, when we met Carl, turns out he
told the rest of his family about the gospel and brought them to
conference. He has a wife named Sierra! I think they all liked it!
What a tender mercy. Such a good week!
Love, Sister Davis


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