Sept. 29, 2014 First Transfer


Dear everyone,
Well, my time here in St. Petersburg was short lived! I found out for sure Thursday night during the Women’s Conference that I am being transferred 😦 I was soooooo sad. I only got 3 short months with my wonderful ward, my awesome investigators, and the other team of missionaries serving beside me! For some reason Sister Hanna is getting transferred too, and she has only been here three weeks! We found out that we are getting transferred together though, so we will be white-washing a new area….super nervous. But we have set some pretty amazing goals for our new area, where ever it may be. We prayed about it and felt as though we should set the goal of 8 baptisms in our next transfer! 8!!!!! We have been EATING, SLEEPING, and BREATHING baptisms. We even sleep with our nametags on…..

Thursday was the worst day of my human experience here on planet earth. I didn’t sleep the night before, so I woke up tired. President had called the night before telling me it was a possibility of me being transferred so I was stressed out because I DID NOT want to leave.Then we headed to Zone interviews with President at the Palm Harbor building, and hour away. When we got there, no one was there. We waited and got a call from the AP’s saying it was actually in the Seminole building, another half hour back. We were soooo late for our interviews! Luckily it was the Ap’s fault for sending our entire zone the wrong address, but we got so lost and I was driving and Florida drivers and 6.8 times worse than Utah drivers. My companion and I were so stressed over being transferred, or split up, or lost. Ugh, it’s over now though. I will tell you where my new area is on Monday! I leave this Thursday.

Sister Loveridge and Klein are being transferred and are both training! So happy for them, but am going to miss them like CRAZY! Today for Pday we are all going to lunch and shopping together one last time.

Miranda and her daughter, Ciera, both want to be baptized! We extended the date for November 8th, and are so happy for them! We now have 5 investigators with a baptismal date. So happy!

Yesterday was my last sunday in the St. Petersburg ward. It was so bittersweet. I never thought I could love people so much. Bishop pulled us into his office and cried and said he had never had a group of missionaries that he loved so much, but knew that the Lord must need us in other places. We all cried and then got blessings from the Elders. (who are both staying.) They said they would miss us like crazy. I got my blessing from Elder Ware and it was a very spiritual experience. Going to miss this entire ward so much. Ugh.

Love you all and miss you! Hope everything is well in Utah!
Love always,

Sister Davis


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