Dec. 1st, 2014 Thanksgiving


Dear family,
I only have half an hour to email today so please forgive me for being
so brief! Our day was on Thanksgiving, so all we get today is a half
our to email and an hour to grocery shop. It was so worth it though!
Thanksgiving was awesome.
Here is another wonderful list I shall title: ‘I AM THANKFUL FOR….’
Jesus Christ!!!!
For thanksgiving sister kunz and I didn’t know anyone in the area so
we were planning on having thanksgiving with these great people named
ourselves, but alas, we were taken care of by the Lord. On Monday we
met the other missionaries in our Ward, who are also our zone leaders,
and they had set up and FHE for us, three appointments in the week,
gave us a list of recent converts and less actives, and gave us two
people who they had been teaching. The other elders in our Ward found
us a family to come have Thanksgiving with and wrote us welcome notes.
We are so pampered! (FYI this Ward has had six elders for a long time
now, so everyone is happy that there is finally a set of sisters.) we
are also serving at mission headquarters to we are at the center of
all the hustle and bustle. We see President and the AP’s all the time.
(I don’t know if that is good or bad yet.)
We have seen so many miracles this week! Our zone leaders gave me a
blessing because I was getting sick again, and that night I had the
best sleep of my entire mission and felt so much better the next day.
We set two baptismal dates this week, with more on the way. Greatest
miracle of all is that WaWa the gas station down the street is giving
free hot chocolate out and so we have gloriously partaken πŸ™‚ soooooooo
We had a sister named sister swisher come stay with us this week
because her companion was going home due to migraines. Her flight left
at six am, so sister swisher would arrive at our apartment at four am.
We wanted to do what Taylor did and decorate the apartment, but
instead we left a trail of shoes leading her into our room πŸ™‚ we
thought we were so funny. Anyways, we texted her and her companion our
address but forgot to give her our apartment #. At 4:10 am exactly
something woke me up with a jolt. I sat up and laid there for a
minute, then was about to go back to sleep when I heard a knock on the
door, tripped on all the dumb shoes we left out to get there, unlocked
it and let sister swisher in. Her and her companion had prayed about
which apartment door they should knock on, out of the many in our
complex, and 201 came to their mind. Crazy huh!?!? Just as the spirit
woke me up to answer the door, or we wouldn’t have heard it and she
would have missed her flight. The Lord takes care of His missionaries.
Thanksgiving we had at our WML’s house and my good friend Kali Collier
was there!!!!! I couldn’t believe it!!!!!! She is marrying my WML’s
little brother. We caught up and ate together and had so much fun! It
was so good to see her there.
Having so much fun. I love you all.


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