November 17, 2014 Eyana and STL


I had my first (technically my second) baptism on Saturday!!!! Eyana was SO happy and felt the spirit so strongly! She literally GLOWS!!!! It is so incredible to see the change in her from when I first me her, back in October. I am blessed enough to get a front row seat to witness the most amazing miracle in life…. seeing people finally learn to access the Atonement. The change is incredible! I would serve my ENTIRE mission over again just to baptize Eyana. Just to bring her the gospel and Jesus and the happiness He brings. We had a movie night with her and watched the Joseph Smith movie. Eyana absolutely loves Joseph Smith now! It is so funny because she calls him: Jared Smith haha. We have so much fun with her!!!!
This leads up to my new wonderful list I have been preparing all week titled: “Words Eyana Has Taught Me.”
(Remember that she is a black 15 year old girl with an attitude 😉
Word #1- “Grown” meaning hot????

Word #2- “Hot” meaning fast???

Word #3- “Fast” meaning petty?

Word #4- “Petty” meaning stuck up.

Word #5- “Ratchet” meaning you either can talk fast or you are possibly cool.

Word #6- “Floosie” meaning you are a “Hoochie-Mama,” similar to what “hot” and “fast” mean????

Word #7- “Fla” I have no clue what the cheese this means.
(It literally took 35 minutes to understand her. We were laughing so hard! We are so ratchet now because we can talk all gangsta to all her peeps. She thinks we are so white. She is so right)
I love being an STL. It is a lot of responsibility but it is so fun! We work very closely with our zone leaders and it is a lot of fun. We make a good team.
This week has been very hard but very rewarding. We are struggling with the ward. We are very busy though and have several people who are working towards baptism.
I am learning to love my Heavenly Father more. I read this week that ‘perfect love casteth out all fear.” It is so interesting to me that when Adam first ate of the fruit and transgressed and the Fall took effect, THE FIRST thing he felt was fear. The very first negative emotion man felt was fear! Fear can be very powerful, but perfect love is stronger. Heavenly Father wants us to feel of His love and to love Him with a perfect love. If we can love God perfectly, we will have more faith and trust in Him because we won’t be fearful that He doesn’t love us, or doesn’t forgive us, or that He doesn’t answer our prayers the way He knows best. If we love Him perfectly we can love OTHERS more perfectly, and learn to love OURSELVES more perfectly. All our hurt, defense mechanisms, trust issues, and other forms of FEAR will be cast out 🙂
Love always,

Sister Davis


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