November 24, 2014 Transfer to Tampa


Dear family,
Well, I have been emergency transferred to Tampa! (Emergency doesn’t
mean an actually emergency, just super quick. Like pack up and leave
quick.) I am soooooo sad to leave Lakeland. I’m so sad to leave the
McLain family, the Coleman family, Eyana, our Ward Mission Leader….
😦 But President is inspired to I know it is for the best. We are now
in New Tampa and it is like the ‘Disneyland’ of the mission we’ve been
told. The wards are big and more Utah-ish, and there are tons of
people to baptize… I’m excited! Our building is the mission
office which means I will be seeing President a lot….I don’t know if
that is a good or a bad thing ha ha.
This week I got sick again. It was a very slow, long week, and I’m
still getting over it a little bit. I did get to go on my first
exchange as an STL and it was so fun! I was with Sister Rydalch, and
she came to my area. She has been here for two months and is very
sweet and very loving. We are still STL’s for the Lakeland Zone, so
now we have to drive 45 minutes to get back to Lakeland!
For thanksgiving we were going to tabbitha Mclains, and also to the
griswald’s, but now we have no idea. We will see. Don’t be worried or
sad (mom) haha we will either just go back to Lakeland or figure
something else out.
Eyana is doing great and seems to love being baptized. It was really
hard to say goodbye to her :/ on Friday we went to brother and sister
griswald’s and watched ‘The Testaments’ with her to help herewith
reading the Book of Mormon. We had so much fun! Sister Griswald is
from the Dominican Republic (shout out to Sister Jensen!) and is
absolutely gorgeous. She converted when she was 14 and now she is 23.
She married a recent convert a year ago from the US (they met online)
and he brought her here. She LOvES the color red, loves shopping and
decorating, loves baking, and I decided she is my other half! She said
she will take good care of eyana after we’ve been transferred.
Last night sister kunz and I went and said goodbye to the Coleman’s,
the McLain’s, the Mackey’s, the Tetteh’s, and Katherine Denham. So
Well, I hope you all have a fun thanksgiving! Mom, win me something at
bingo!!!! Now that Taylor’s gone I guess Troy will rightfully take his
place as the new best basketball player in the church gym 😉 love you


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