Dec. 15, 2014 Mission Christmas Party


¡Feliz Navidad¡
This week has been a great one. We had transfer emails on Saturday
night and sister kunz and I are staying in New Tampa together,
hallelujah! Most sisters get three areas their entire mission. I’ve
had three areas in five months! I’m hoping to stay in this area for a
long time 🙂
Last Monday sister kunz and I went over to visit a lady in our Ward
named Christ’s haring. She is incredible! She is in her thirties, has
been proposed to six times, but the lord told her all six times to say
no. She isn’t married, but adopted a little baby in May whose name is
Carter. Carter has Down syndrome, and is THEE cutest baby in the
world! Christa has a doctorate in special education and teaches at
USF. She is such an incredible lady, and I have never met someone who
trusted in the lord more.
On Friday we had our Ward Christmas party and it was amazing! It was
decorated so nicely that I thought it was a wedding at first. Our
investigator, Lukeesha came and brought her friend, Rebecca. Lukeesha
was supposed to get baptized this Saturday, but was having a hard time
understanding all the lessons in such a short amount of time, so we
are going to push her date back a little bit. We also set a baptismal
date with a girl named Marie. She has a returned missionary friend who
she went to high school with who called us from Provo this week and
referred her to us. She is very open and is progressing well. She
didn’t show up to church yesterday though 😦 Please keep her in your
The mission Christmas party was on Tuesday and it was a blast! We went
to Bradenton beach, took lots of pictures, had an ugly sweater contest
(which I unfortunately did not win) ate dinner, and had open mic to
sing Christmas songs. It was soooo cold though. Oh my heavens. It was
good to see all my MTC friends there and other missionary friends I
only get to see every now and then. Oh, on our way there, an elder
attempted to cut us off (because he thought he was funny) and almost
wrecked both our cars (sooo not funny). We also got cute gifts from
sister Cusick.
We actually got a lot of gifts this week. From the Cusick’s, from our
Ward at the ward Christmas party, from a family in our Ward, and from
you mom!!!! 🙂 🙂 Which brings me to my next list for you all….
“Why I think that other people think that I stink”
(A list of gifts I received this week)
#1) deodorant
#2) deodorant (dove, for sensitive skin)
#3) mouthwash
#4) floss
#5) toothbrush (green)
#6) toothbrush (red)
#7) toothbrush (blue)
#8) toothpaste
#9) toothpaste (tartar protection)
#10) toothpaste
#11) lavender smelling body soap
#12) hand soap with aloe Vera
#14) lotion
#15) perfume 🙂 (called DANCE)
I am going to be the most smelling good, most hygienic missionary
there ever was, and ever will be. Everyone has been so nice to give us
the things we don’t want to buy! We are so blessed with so many people
who love us 🙂
Well, I love you all! Merry Christmas!

Love always,
Sister Davis

A member took us to a Thai restaurant for our first time. Such good
food! We were so scared to try it though haha.


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