Dec. 29, 2014 Mormon NFL players!


Merry late Christmas! Hope all is well!
This week was difficult, yet amazing. Lots of ups and downs.
Turns out Gregor wasn’t as prepared as we though, but he is till
getting baptized, just not until January 17th. He tried to take us to
go get coffee, haha. But now he knows the word of wisdom and should be
good for baptism. We had a lesson with him and Elder Judd, a senior
missionary. After the lesson, elder Judd taught us about learning by
the spirit. It was a huge learning experience. I learned that our job
is to create an environment for our investigators in which the spirit
can reside, and then to teach by the spirit, so that our investigators
can LEARN by the spirit. If our investigators are not allowing the
spirit to teach them, we shouldn’t be spending our time trying to
force it on them. Defitnely a very humbling experience. I felt dumb
being out six months and not knowing that already haha. This will help
me the rest of my mission though!
Lukeesha passed her baptismal interview!!!! She will be getting
baptized this Saturday at seven pm!! So excited 🙂
We also met Neil, Shannon (his wife) and heir friend, Pierre this
week. Shannon had to work, but Neil and Pierre came to church
yesterday and loved it! Their baptismal dates are for feb 7th. They
are both 23 years old, and very sporty. We were teaching them before
church s tarted yesterday, and during the lesson they asked us which
nfl players we knew that we mormon. Well the 2nd counselor in the
bishopric overheard and came over and started talking about Steve
Young, then the YM president heard him talking about Steve Young and
started talking about famous lds players on the Ravens, then he called
over Bishop Bailey, who started talking about the Dolphins and the
Eagles, and then the elders came over and started talking about what
they’ve missed in the nfl since they left on missions, and then they
all, including Neil and Pierre, started a manly testosterone power
struggle argument on whose team is better, and something called
fantasy football, and tight ends and line backers and I about barfed.
Sister kunz and I could have just walked away and nobody would have
noticed. I kid you not! Alas, Elder Dance and Rondfelt challenged them
both to a game of basketball after one of our lessons with them. Hope
it all turns out well haha. Golly, men these days! 😉
Oh! And we prayed really hard on Christmas morning to get lots of hugs
from Heavenly Father all day. Right after we said that prayer, we
opened your 25 days til Christmas and it was a bag full of Hershey’s
Hugs!!!! (Like the kisses). We felt so loved 🙂
More probably happened but my mind is racing a hundred miles a minute.
I love you all! Xoxo


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