January 12, 2015 “List of Things I Learned This Week”


This week a lot happened! Here is a list of things I learned this
week, and I have a creative title for it. It is called “List of things
I learned this week:”
#1) On Monday after Pday was over, sister kunz and I got to go to
“Mini-MTC Metro Training” with six other sets of missionaries. Metro
is where we go to downtown Tampa for two days and learn from
experienced missionaries how to be better missionaries, but mostly we
learn how to take our missions home with us. We learned how to work
with members now, and when we have callings in the future, how to
budget our spendings each month, how to eat nutritious foods and be
healthy, how to love our companion and future spouse, how to dress and
present ourselves, and a ton of other things. Some of my favorite
things we did were identify a talent that we have, and then we role
played with another missionary in a conversation, and at the end of
our conversation they had to guess what talent we had. My talent was
Faith, but everyone guessedsincerity. Golly. It was cool to learn
what our talents are and how to use them as strengths in missionary
work. We had a testimony meeting at the end of the entire experience
and It was incredible. What I took from it mainly is that I will be
representing Christ for the rest of my life. Even after I take the
name tag off. I definitely want to represent Him well ๐Ÿ™‚
#2) My companion and I met with the Wang family this week, and they
just got sealed in the temple and have been converted for a year. They
are from China. They came to America for two years for his work, and
after the two years they were required to go back to China. Well,
while they were here, they both got baptized and sister Wang got
pregnant. They already had a 7 year old daughter…. So she couldn’t
go back to China or she would break the law of only have one
child.They figured a way for her to stay in America and for just him
to go back to China. He was gone for 10 months ๐Ÿ˜ฆ She just had her
baby and he just got home and told us that the government there just
barely allowed mormon churches to meet together there!!! He went to a
church there, but the government says they can only meet in
congregations of fifty or less. The last bishop got arrested because
they had 61 people meeting instead of fifty…so it is a strict rule.
Isn’t that cool though? I didn’t think there were any churches in
China. I love the Wang’s.
#3) I learned from teaching Gregor (who is getting baptized on January
25th) that Jews start their Sabbath day on Friday night and it goes
until Saturday night. Since they are not aloud to start fires on the
Sabbath (and I guess flipping a light switch on is equivalent to
starting a fire) they have to turn all the lights they want on for the
Sabbath the day before. They also can’t carry anything with them on
that day… Like in their pockets or purse or anything. I thought that
was interesting! Gregor grew up Jewish and speaks Hebrew, cool huh? He
is so ready for baptism though. I love him so much! Keep him in your prayers!
#4) I learned how to listen to the Spirit more. My companion and I
felt prompted to walk to the church one morning, and it was 40 degrees
and windy outside so we really didn’t want to. But we did. When we got
there, a man named Xavier walked in and asked us for a bible. We gave
him one and found out he had taken the lessons from sister
missionaries before. We taught him a lesson and set a baptismal date
for him on the 31st on January. The Lord needed us to be at the church
right as Xavier was, and it was such a blessing. If we allow the Lord
to do His work, it is so much better, fun, easy, and rewarding. I am
so grateful I am learning to recognize the Spirit’s promptings.

It was a very good week, we are so busy, it’s crazy. President is
having us all deep clean our apartments. Like big time. It took us 2
and a half hours to completely scrub and declutter our apartment. I
will be sending a lot of junk home today, heads up! As STL’s, we have
to go to each of the sisters apartments that we are over and deep
clean with them. The only part I am excited about is that I get to
wear pants ๐Ÿ™‚ yay. Our zone leaders filled 18 garbage bags full of
junk!!! We beat them and only filled 2. I felt pretty proud.
We also got to go help teach the activity days girls on Wednesday. It
was so fun. They each got their own mission calls, and got to ask us
questions about serving missions. Next week they are dressing up as
missionaries and pretending to teach a lesson. Cute huh?

I love being a missionary!
With love,
Sister Davis


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