January 26, 2015 Baptism


Hey everyone!

Gregor got baptized yesterday!!!! It was the neatest baptism I’ve seen. The spirit was so strong, and I knew Gregor knew this was the right decision. On Saturday night, as a pre-baptism celebration, we watched the “Prophet of the Restoration” movie with him over at the Snow’s house. It was so neat to finally see Gregor bear his testimony at the end of the movie that he knew Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and that he believed he had finally found the true religion on earth. My heart about burst! It has been THE MOST BEAUTIFUL thing in the world to see Gregor progress from telling us he didn’t know if the book of Mormon was true, or if God would really give us prophets on earth, to now, bearing testimony that he KNOWS the book of Mormon is the word of God, and the God loves us enough to send prophets to guide us. THIS IS WHY I’M OUT HERE!!! The spirit bore witness to me of the importance of this work, the work of bringing souls unto Christ and truly converting them to the gospel. I am not out here to simply baptize people. I don’t want a single baptism. Baptisms come and go. I want CONVERTS! People who are converted to Christ. Converts last forever. I can honestly say that I am converting myself in the process, and it is beautiful. I never thought I could come so close to Christ and find so much happiness! Every time we have a baptism, it is the hardest couple of days before. Satan doesn’t like baptisms, so things always get really hard. It was a good week, but definitely a struggle. Good though, always good. Transfers are this Saturday. I am praying like crazy that I stay. I want so badly to stay in one area longer than just a couple of months! Also, Bishop Bailey got released yesterday, it was really sad. He will be moving to Utah soon. 😦

Working with one iPad has been different as well, not too bad though. I think this is going to be permanent.

Anyhoo, I love and miss you all!

Love always,

Sister Davis


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