March 2, 2015 A Baptism and Busch Gardens


List of Miracles this week:
#1) Syd was officially baptized and confirmed a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints yesterday!!!!! I can’t believe it! We met Syd, Gregor’s son at his baptism a month ago. We started teaching Syd three weeks ago and he told us he didn’t believe in Christ, and no, he did not want to take the missionary lessons. Now he is baptized and has a firm belief in Jesus Christ and in His atonement. I can’t believe it!!!

#2) I finally feel peace and happiness again, I feel like I can do this whole mission thing again, and that in itself is a miracle. I don’t feel sad and heavy anymore. I know that because of the Atonement I can learn and grow from my mistakes, instead of being condemned for them.

#3) I received answers and revelation from God in Elder Zwick’s Zone conference meeting. It was ALL DAY thursday. Him and his wife and the Cusick’s spoke. It was incredible. I know that when we ask inspired questions, and come prepared to receive inspired answers, we actually will receive inspired answers!!!

#4) In the evening this week President Zwick trained many ward councils in many stakes in Florida, and i was able to see Tabitha and Chris from Lakeland! It was SOO good to see them and it was a tender mercy from the Lord. We talked with them and caught up on everything and I felt so loved and taken care of.

It was a great week 🙂 On Thursday Sister kunz and I found out that we will be staying together in this area and that we won’t be emergency transferred, so I am so happy! On monday we went to Busch Gardens Rollercoaster Park with Marie and Gregor and had a blast! It is such a cool park, and it is combined with a zoo. While I was there, there was a shop called the Painted Camel and they were selling stuffed camels!! I am ashamed to say that I bought a stuffed Camel for $18…it was so worth it though. I sleep with him every night 🙂 The rollercoasters were so cool! One brought you high above the entire park, faced you downwards, held you there, and then dropped you. I sang called to serve the whole time in opera. So scary! It was cool because a lot of people asked us about our name tags and we gave out a ton of cards. It was great! We even met a recent convert from Orlando that had just got baptized a year ago, met another recent convert, and they just got married in the temle. Cool huh?!?! They came up to us and told us that they loved sister missionaries and that a year ago they met them and their lives were changed.

On THursday sistser Zwick told us about when she was a mother of 4, her husband was called as mission president to a mission in Chile. She knew NO spanish, had to take care of four kids and 230 missionaries and was feeling so inadequate. THE VERY FIRST call that they got from any missionary was from an elder who called from a pay phone, saying that all he had on was his suit coat, because terrorists had broken into the church while they were teaching seminary, forced him and his companion to take off all their clothes in front of the entire seminary class, poored gasoline all over them, and proceeded to burn their clothes and then the entire church building down. She said she cried and wanted to go home, and told her husband she was done. She went and prayed though, for a very long time, and when she was done with her prayer she felt the lord’s stregnth and knew that she could do it. I thought that was such a cool story and it made me VERY thankful for my mission ha ha!

Love always,

Sister Davis


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