April 23, 2015 Orlando Temple


Hello everyone! I have hardly any time to email so please forgive me!
This week has had lots of highs and lows. It is hard to send a companion home, lets just say that.
But we did get to go to the Orlando temple today and it was an amazing experience! List of things I learned:
#1) Peace is a feeling ONLY the spirit can bring. When you feel peace, you can know it is from God and no other source.
#2) Going to the temple brings so much spiritual strength and help. It is the closest to Heaven I have ever felt!
#3) The most spiritual experiences are planned. When we prepare to go to the temple, and ask God inspired questions, we will receive inspired answers.
#4) I was called to the Florida Tampa Mission by divine revelation. I am exactly where I need to be right now.
#5) Keeping covenants gives us great spiritual power.
#6) Everyone looks good in white 😉

I never wanted to leave the temple! It was so amazing. I felt so strongly while I was sitting inside now aware my Heavenly Father is of me, and there is no other place in the world that He would have me be right now. I felt so much peace and left stronger than I came.

This week was really hard, so it was so good to get the spiritual upliftment. I am going to miss Sister Kunz when she goes home so much! She leaves on Tuesday morning!!!
Love you all 🙂


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