May 4, 2015 New Companion


Hola familia!

My entire life got turned upside down this week!!!! AH!!!! Change is good. I think.
Changes in my life that I am learning to adjust to:
#1) I got a new companion named Hermana Jahnel! She is from Paraguay and is learning english. She is doing so well! She is theeeee sweetest person I have ever met. She is teaching me spanish! She is 23 and from a big family. Her younger sister is serving in New York, and they got their mission calls at the same time, and went to the Provo MTC at the exact same time! She is one of the most incredible people I have ever met.
#2) I am learning to entertain myself. We are still the only sisters in our whole zone, and there is a small language barrier still between my companion and I, so sometimes it gets lonely. I practice saying: “Yo quero ajudarte a encontrar felizidad. Quieres vener a la inglesia con nosotros?” over and over to keep myself busy and sane. (which means: I want to help you find happiness. Do you want to come to church with us? Hermana taught me!)
#3) Since I have been with Hermana Jahnel, God has just started placing all these hispanic people in our path! We have taught 4 lessons in spanish (and by we I mean she) and it is so cool! A lot of them speak english and spanish. It’s so crazy!
#4) We are SO BUSY and we both get home EXHAUSTED at night. The Lord is blessing us though, and we have set 6 baptismal dates since Wednesday and are setting a 7th tomorrow. I am so happy.
Life is good. I love being a missionary!
Love, Sister Davis


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