June 1, 2015 Sister Kunz engaged!


MY COMPANION IS ENGAGED TO MY RECENT CONVERT!!!! I never in a million years thought when we were teaching Syd that he would be engaged to my companion in 2 months. NEVER! But he is and they are so happy:) While he was in Utah he really connected with her family and has a HUGE influence for good on them. They are getting married in the Logan temple in March, once he has been a member for a year and can get his endowments out. Right now they are discussing doing a civil marriage in August. God is creating eternal families!

This week we worked hard. We met a guy named John and taught him a lesson and he was GOLDEN! We set a baptismal date with him, taught him the entire restoration, gave him a book of mormon, and committed him to come to church. He was excited and ready. Turns out he was already being taught by the zone leaders and they had already set a baptsimal date with him and basically done the same thing we did 2 days earlier! We have no idea why he didn’t tell us! Anyways, we decided they should teach him. He came to church yesterday and is doing awesome 🙂 It’s all the same work, we are just glad he is getting baptized.

Despite all our effort, we aren’t seeing all the fruits of our labors quite yet. I am trying not to get discouraged. We didn’t have a single investigator come to church yesterday, and we invited over fifty people to church. Our baptismal date we are working with right now, Cindy, had severe social anxiety and so she canceled right before church started. Keep her in your prayers, she really wants to get baptized but has some emotional issues that will require heavenly healing. I am trying to remember that sometimes the Lord sees fit to bless us with 41 lessons a week and 5 baptismal dates, and other times He sees fit to bless us with patience. We are working hard, and although I may not be baptizing nations at the moment, Heavenly Father still blesses us with miracles everyday and peace.

It has been raining like crazy here! The thunder and lightening is amazing! Because it almost always rains at about 8pm everynight, we decide to drive last night to visit less active families in our area. While we were driving around, I missed the house we were looking for and had to flip a U turn. Now, as missionaries, we get really good and U turns because if you back up, your companion has to get out of the car and back you up and it takes a whole extra annoying 30 seconds longer. Plus U turns are great in Florida because nobody has curbs and it is normal to drive of people’s grass. Well, as I was attempting a U turn, there was a boy, maybe 11 years old outside on his front lawn watching us. We had been driving really slow looking at each house number trying to find the less active family, so he probably thought we were kidnappers or something. I waved to him, and he just kind of smiled and then looked away like he was scared. Then he started to walk away. I think he thought we were going to follow him in the car until he got into his house!

Anyways, I love you all. Have a good week!


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