June 8, 2015 Christmas in June mission party


We had our Christmas in June party at the beach last Monday. The Christmas party was a lot of fun, we had so much pizza we could feed the navy, root beer floats, and we took lots of pictures on the beach. I will try to send them to you. I have been sending you pictures every week but I’m not sure if you are getting them. My iPad might be not be sending them right. On our way to the Christmas party we got SOOO lost! It took us 2 hours to get there and it was only supposed to take 1! I was driving, and Hermana Jahnel was doing google maps but because she doesn’t know the language very well it was hard. We drove 2 other sisters who are brand new to the mission, Sister Judkins and Sutton. Sister Judkins went to Maple Mountain with me and we were good friends before the mission! We had so much fun together, I love her 🙂
On the way home from the party it thunder stormed the usual 8 pm downpour on the freeway. I am getting pretty dang good at driving in bad weather. I am totally used to it now, it doesn’t even faze me! The new sisters were so shocked and scared for our lives and I had forgotten that I was the same way when I first got out here ha ha. We couldnt even see 3 feet in front of us on the free way but I drive in it all the time now. Hopefully it will help me drive better in the snow when i get home!
This week was so hard. We dropped basically all of our investigators. We did set a baptismal date with Steven’s mom, Candy/ She LOVED church yesterday and told us that she wants to try and read the entire book of mormon this summer when our ward challenged everyone in sacrament meeting. She is great. She has been living with her fiance for 15 years though and I’m worried that it will be too hard for her to separate from him or get married in order to be baptized. Will you pray for her?
Hermana and I have been praying and fasting to find a family in 7 days. We are having the faith that we can find a family this week! We are faithful and excited! It has been so hard this week because we have been working our tails off and it gets discouraging when you don’t see the fruit of it. We will continue to work hard though. I know the Lord will bless us and wants us to succeed.
Sounds like you are having such a fun week! The pictures from the cultural celebration were AMAZING! Wow. Take pictures outside the temple for me when you and dad go. Have fun! Love you!


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