May 11, 2015 Hermana Jahnel


This week was great! We worked hard, I have the tan lines to prove it! We talked to EVERYONE and met some cool people. On Saturday, Hermana Jahnel and I literally invited everyone to church. We probably invited 50 people to church! Only one investigator ended up coming, and he was an hour late at that. It was Ramon. Golly. Oh well, the Lord knows we tried!

I love Hermana Jahnel. This week she kept telling me that she was so “tasty.” I was confused… we finally figured out that she mixed up “tasty” and “thirsty.” ha ha ha we had a good laugh.

On Friday, President Cusick had a Sisters Training Meeting where all the sister missionaries in the mission came together. It was great! I got to learn a lot of new things. President told us that there are a lot of sisters that are too hard on themselves. We read in PMG the successful missionary section and it was cool to see how I can be a successful missionary in the eyes of God. Everything that was laid out in order to be a successful missionary is in my control! We all felt very loved by President, in his funny, manly, strict way 🙂 I am very blessed to have such a wonderful mission President.

Well, we are working hard and should have 2 baptisms this month! I am learning that obedience brings blessings, but EXACT obedience brings MIRACLES! I want to be exactly obedient because I love the Lord. I know that He wants to bless me, and when I am obedient, He CAN! So if you ever want a prayer answered, need divine guidance, or blessings…study, and do your part. The Lord will ALWAYS do His. All week again and again in my studies and at church I was taught that God always keeps His word. His word is truth, and because of that, I can trust Him. He will never lead me astray. I love Him and trust Him with my future.

Love always,


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