July 6, 2015 Fourth of July

This week has  been great! Sister Capt, Wilson, and I have so much fun together. We found 12 new investigators this week, so we are staying pretty busy! Port Charlotte is beautiful and there is so much potential here.
All week poor Sister Wilson has been struggling with being sick. Keep her in your prayers! ON the fourth of July she was not feeling well, so we went in at 8pm so she could rest. Sister Capt and I sat in our study room and studied and wrote in our journals while we listened to all the people and fireworks outside. Happy fourth of July! Ha ha we laughed and had a great time together. Who else would be in at 8 reading their scriptures on the fourth of July? Yep, that’s right. Us missionaries! We shared good memories of being together at this time last year in the MTC watching the fireworks from the Stadium of Fire. So crazy, little did we know a year later we’d be companions 🙂
So earlier in the day on the Fourth we went to a barbecue that one of our investigators named Janice was having. She is getting baptized on July 17th and is INCREDIBLE! We met her husband and her husband’s friend at the barbeque. They won’t admit it, but they were totally interested. We showed a mormon message and they had a lot of questions. So cool! We had hamburgers and the best potato salad I have ever had. Towards the end of the barbecue, a HUGE storm hit. It was thundering and lightening so much and you couldn’t even see through the rain and the wind was blowing everything everywhere, so we were stuck at janice’s for another hour. Crazy! But it passed luckily.

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