August 2015 Rains



So it has been raining nonstop! It is POURING right now and our weather system warning device keeps blaring and telling us which roads are flooded and what areas to avoid. It has been constantly raining since Saturday! Makes missionary work really hard. But I love the rain! Luckily we live in Zephyrhils, which has a lot of hills, so we are probably safe. My old area is COMPLETELY flooded! Poor Tampa.

We have been teaching a man named James, and he is awesome. We met him last saturday, invited him to church, and the Gospel Principles lesson was on the Word of Wisdom. Well, he was enjoying church until suddenly he was told he could no longer drink coffee if he wanted to be a member. In the middle of the lesson he raised his hand and said that he wasn’t going to give up coffee in order to be a member and that someone should have warned him. The members of the class all started raising their hands and sharing their stories of how they converted and stopped drinking coffee and we thought it was a disaster!!! Well, we prayed like crazy for James, that his heart would be softened. We went and visited him this week and the first time he told us he wanted to keep taking the lessons but he wasn’t going to give up coffee. We taught him the Restoration, and moved on to the Book of Mormon. He was touched by the Book of Mormon and agreed to ask God if it was true and if Joseph Smith was a prophet. This past Saturday night we went over with Sister Hall and James told us that he had a dream. He didn’t remember it too well, but he remembers that he was sitting at a dinner table with the Lord and the Lord told him: “You asked for a home, don’t walk away from it. Come and stay.” Then he said the rest of the dream was just his memory of when he first met us. Isn’t that amazing?!?!?!?!? He says he knows now that he needs to join our church, but he doesn’t know how quickly that means. He says it will take time. (And it will!) He has a long ways to go, but he is going in the right direction! It was such an answer to our prayers. I know the the Lord loves His children and speaks to them in their own language and understanding.


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