November 2, 2015 Halloween


This week was kind of uneventful, but still good 🙂 We met a 14 year old boy named Jeffrey this week and he is just soaking up the gospel like a spunge! After we taught him the Restoration, we invited him and his mom to pray to know if Joseph Smith really was a prophet, and that God would help them to know the truth by the power of the Holy Ghost. Jeffrey jumped up and yelled “BOOYAH! He already told me!” We laughed and were so happy. We told him to still pray about it though. His mom isn’t interested in the church, but is fully supportive of Jeffrey attending. He came to church for his first time yesterday, and it turned out that he is already really good friends with 3 young men and young women in our ward! He is so great. I can see him going on a mission someday.
We are pushing Liz and Marion’s baptismal date back to Nov 14th, instead of this Saturday so that we don’t have to rush all the lessons. They are both doing wonderful and had a great experience again at church yesterday. Liz got up and bore her testimony in Relief Society and said that she knew God puts certain people in our paths for a reason. She said that she knew we were sent from God to her and that this church must be true. Sunday had been a hard day because Sister Reed and I were stressed and that was such a blessing to hear. Just when Satan can make you think you aren’t doing any good, God can show you that by small and simple things, great things are brought to pass. The small, good things we do really mean so much more than we realize. I felt like an instrument in God’s hand to help Liz and Marion, and am so grateful He has allowed me to serve.

On Halloween Sister Reed and I made cupcakes and took them to our neighbors and invited them to church the next day. (Made possible by mom’s package…thank you!) Then we went and volunteered at a Rehabilitation center Halloween Festival and they put us in charge of musical chairs. We had so much fun! It was awesome to see all the cute little kids dressed up 🙂 My favorite costume was a baby dressed up as chubby yoda. So cute!!! Then we went to the G’s and sat in their front yard. When trick-or-treaters came up, we would give them cards with their candy! I hope all these children join the church someday haha!
Well, I missed you all on Halloween. I hope you had pumpkin bread bowls with soup and watched scary movies and ate lots of candy! Love you!


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